Fall Registration

Posted on Jul 15, 2018 - Jun 1, 2019

Fall Registration

Fall Registration 2018/19



2018/19 SEASON IS 34 WEEKS

Classes begin the week of

Monday, September 11th and run until our recital June 1st and 2nd 2019

Family Registration fee      $25.00 +HST

1 hour classes       $468.00 for 34 weeks

5% discount for 2nd class

10% discount for 3rd class

15% discount for 4th class

20% discount for 5th class

Family Discounts

5% discount 2nd child

10% discount 3rd child


Recital costume prices will range from

$65/pre-school - $90/ older students.

All prices subject to HST


Payment in full is due upon registration and can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer at the time of registration

A payment plan is available for students in more than one class/week or families with more than one child dancing. Payment may be made in 3 instalments in the form of post dated cheques. All postdated cheques must be received at the time of registration.

1st cheque must include the registration fee along with 1/3 of tuition and dated day of registration.

2nd cheque dated Oct.1

3rd cheque dated Nov. 1

A cheque for costume deposit may also be given dated November 15th 2018.

Returned cheques are subject to a $25 service charge


Open PDF file below to view 2018/19 schedule.

****please note****

Acro 1 to 5 is according to the student's level of skills.

Ballet exam students must take 2 hours of ballet each week and advanced students must take 3 hours of ballet a week.


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