2017/18 SEASON IS 34 WEEKS


Classes begin the week of September 11th and run until our recital on June 2nd   and 3rd, 2017.

Family Registration fee                  $20.00 this price includes HST

1 hour classes                    $459.00 for 34 weeks

10% discount for 2nd class

15% discount for 3rd class

20% discount for 4th class

25%dicount for 5th class

10% discount 2nd child

15% discount 3rd child


Costume prices for recital range beginning with our pre-school students from $60 to older students from $90

All prices subject to HST




Payment in full can be made by cheque or cash at the time of registration

A payment plan is available for more than one class/week or more than one child. All postdated cheques must be supplied at the time of registration.

Registration fee and the first 3 months of classes due at registration

Postdated cheque dated for October 1 for 3 months of classes

Postdated cheque dated for November 1 for the remaining 3 months of classes

A cheque for costume deposit may also be given dated November 15th 2017.

Returned cheques are subject to a $25 service charge